Friday, June 29, 2012

Band Concert Season

It's summertime and the season for band concerts. As a special treat, today's outdoor concert will be conducted by Mickey Mouse. We ask that all cell phones be turned off and that no one interrupt by playing extraneous tunes.

Speaking of extraneous toons, there is no Donald Duck cel here. Rather, Donald is painted directly on the custom-prepared background. This is an unusual enhancement, to say the least.

21 Nov 2005 10 a.m. New York
Animation Art
Auction 13844
A Walt Disney celluloid from “The Band Concert”
1935, the gouache on celluloid depicts Mickey Mouse as the conductor who gets very irate when Donald Duck continually interrupts the William Tell concert by playing "Turkey in the Straw" with his fife. Each time Mickey Mouse takes Donald’s fife, he takes another fife from his sleeve, the full celluloid is applied to a hand-prepared background of Donald Duck and the band’s platform, there is a 1/2 inch slit in cel just above Mickey's head, matted and framed. 
8 1/2 x 10 1/2in 

The Band Concert was Mickey Mouse’s first color short film. This scene is illustrated in “The Fifty Greatest Cartoons” on page 42.
Sold for US$ 2,350 inc. premium

Walt Disney Studios celluloid from “The Band Concert” (1935) on hand-prepared background

Video Still 2:03
Image added January 5, 2014

"The Band Concert" (1935)
Walt Disney Studios

January 6, 2014 Update:  The celluloid of Mickey from Bonhams is suspiciously close to the left side of a limited edition cel issued in 1978 for his 50th anniversary. In its favor, the Bonhams Mickey has a longer frown line and a crease under the eye which match the movie still, not the limited edition portfolio cel. The Bonhams cel also gives Mickey flesh tones which were not present in this animated short and do not appear in the limited edition either.
Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck from "The Band Concert" (1935)
Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse 50th Anniversary Commemorative Cel Portfolio, no. 100/275, 1978

Note:  My last Disney post appeared here. My previous post on "The Band Concert" can be found here.


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