Friday, June 1, 2012

Shannon Wheeler Dreams Up a Cartoon

Yesterday, The New Yorker's cartoon editor Bob Mankoff posted an article about the role of dreams in the creation of cartoons. Cartoonist Shannon Wheeler has discussed his own creative process in coming up with the excellent "Spoiler alert" cartoon. When I met him at MoCCA Fest 2012, he gave me permission to publish his preliminary sketch here along with his description of how he uses his own dreams.

On February 20, Mr. Wheeler wrote:
This is the rough for this week's NY'er cartoon. I write a lot of cartoons as I'm on the edge of sleep. I wake up enough to draw it super rough. To submit it to the NY'er I do a much more rendered drawing. I like the directness, simplicity, and energy of the original sketch - often I like it more than the final drawing.

Shannon Wheeler, "Spoiler alert" preliminary sketch  for
The New Yorker, February 27, 2012, Page 86

Shannon Wheeler, "Spoiler alert."
The New Yorker, February 27, 2012, Page 86


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