Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Parachuting Pachyderm

This original illustration of Babar's cousin Arthur parachuting to earth is from Laurent de Brunhoff's first book Babar et ce coquin d'Arthur. Laurent took over the Babar series which was created by his father Jean de Brunhoff based on stories his mother told Laurent and his brother Mathieu. In 2004, Laurent donated much early Babar material to the Morgan Library & Museum in New York City.

Laurent de Brunhoff, from Babar et ce coquin d'Arthur, 1946

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Babar et ce coquin d'Arthur  by Laurent de Brunhoff

Babar and that Rascal Arthur by Laurent de Brunhoff
Laurent de Brunhoff, Babar and Arthur 
The Morgan Library & Museum
Laurent de Brunhoff, Babar's Cousin:  That Rascal Arthur
The Morgan Library & Museum

Babar: The Origins
 by Laurent de Brunhoff

Laurent de Brunhoff, from Babar et ce coquin d'Arthur, 1946


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