Sunday, June 10, 2012

Two Men Reading in the Park by Claude

For some time now, Claude Smith's single- and multi-panel original cartoons have been offered for sale on eBay. All or almost all of them were originally published in The New Yorker. I believe these come from the artist's estate and were never sold. To me, it's kind of sad that this cartoon artist's published New Yorker work didn't have much of a market even in its time. It is tame by today's standards, and perhaps it was tame in the 1950's too when it was published alongside the likes of Peter Arno, James Thurber, and Richard Taylor. One can buy Claude's multi-panel cartoons even today on eBay for a fairly reasonable price, but likely it would cost more than the total sale price to properly frame and display them.

Claude Smith 1951 New Yorker 3-Panel Original Cartoon eBay Winning Bid

Claude Smith 1951 New Yorker 3-Panel Original Cartoon eBay Item Description

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