Wednesday, November 30, 2022

My Copy of Jeremy Nguyen's Can I Pet Your Dog?

New Yorker cartoonist Jeremy Nguyen's first solo book is out and it's called Can I Pet Your Dog? It is a colorful compendium of offbeat strategies for petting other people's dogs. I purchased a copy online through the cartoonist's website and sent him a photo of my dog Minty whose portrait Jeremy kindly sketched in the book. Not a bad deal for $15 postpaid. I added another $10 for Pup: A Zine of Dog Cartoons. I'm generally not much of a zine person, but fill one with dog cartoons and I'm not going to say no.

Jeremy Nguyen
Pup: A Zine of Dog Cartoons and Can I Pet Your Dog?

The book is signed and paw-printed. It includes an original drawing of my dog Minty.

Like the book, the zine is signed by Jeremy and pawprint-signed by a cavapoo acquaintance of his named Lava, the one on the book's cover.

Note:  The very offer I took advantage of is still available on Jeremy's website here.

Minty is an eleven-year-old maltipoo. Here is her reference photo. Would you like to pet her?


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