Thursday, September 22, 2022

Sight Unseen: Isaac's Copy of Roz Chast's Theories of Everything

Not that long ago, an AbeBooks seller listed a unique copy of Roz Chast's cartoon collection Theories of Everything (2006, softcover edition 2008), but visually provided only a stock image of the cover. As I ask so often in these posts, why not instead show a picture of what is unique about this book?

Elizabeth Brown Books & Collectibles of San Diego limited the description to words, noting that there was a "Brief inscription 'For Issac' accompanied by funny cartoon face at foot of half-title page." Issac? Could that be right?

I'm not sure when it happened but at some time it became less common for the artist to leave drawings of her quirky characters in the books she signed. So, to my thinking, it was worth going after this softback book despite it's being priced at $50, even sight unseen. 

Roz Chast
AbeBooks listing accessed September 3, 2022

Was my decision to purchase the book shrewd? In all honesty, I think this was pretty clearly going to be a win from the start. Yet the listing did languish online for weeks before I made my big move, leaving me with the sense that maybe I'm alone in my convictions.

So, in conclusion, Issac turns out to be Isaac, which makes perfect sense. The signed book is indeed one of the few with an original Roz Chast drawing, especially in recent years. In short, I am not disappointed.

Note:  The best online place to gaze in awe at books signed by Roz Chast is not this blog, dammit, but Chris Wheeler's outstanding website. Check out his Chast library here.

Not that I'm throwing in the towel. If you would like to show the world your original Chast art, including personalized doodles drawn in books, I'm your guy. Unless, of course, Chris is.


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