Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Leonard Dove: Schadenfreude at White Sulphur Springs

Leonard Dove's placidly acerbic cartoon appearing in the April 12, 1928 issue of Life is from so early in his career that his mature style is nowhere to be recognized. To our sensibilities, the cartoon is determinedly old-fashioned. It offers us the stock figures of the "well-fed clergyman" and his "wife (reading newspaper)," all the fussy attention to hatching and cross-hatching, and the two lines of not-so-snappy dialogue culminating in a tepid punch line. You see, it simply isn't enough to have a grand old time relaxing in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. For true happiness, the people who stayed behind in New York need to be made miserable as well.

At White Sulphus Springs
Leonard Dove
Life, April 12, 1928, page 14
Scan by Dick Buchanan

Note:  My thanks to Dick Buchanan for his milestone thirtieth blog contribution here, a rare and beautiful scan fresh out of the legendary Dick Buchanan Cartoon Clip Files. Dick contributes regularly to Mike Lynch Cartoons, most recently a crowd-pleasing post entitled "Dick Buchanan: Some Favorite Magazine Gag Cartoons 1940-60s."

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