Saturday, July 28, 2018

Views of Arizona: The Van Deren Cabin

Earl Van Deren moved his cabin to land he purchased in 1924 from original homesteader Bill Fredericks. The 43-acre parcel of land was used for cattle  ranching and bootlegging but was left alone by the authorities. When he married, Van Deren had to expand the small north cabin by adding a second one, the so-called "honeymoon cabin," connected to the first by a common roof, now lost, with a breezeway. The cabin was used in the movies "Riders of the Purple Sage" (1941) and "Blood on the Moon" (1948). In the early years after it was abandoned, much of the interior was removed by souvenir hunters. The site is now a part of the Forest Service. The adjoining land has been developed into the Seven Canyons Golf Club.
The tin roof is a modern addition to protect the structure.

The floorboards have been removed.


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