Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Lee Lorenz's Beleaguered Lifeguard

Cartoonist Lee Lorenz visits a crowded beach and spots a beleaguered lifeguard in an early original cartoon. The eBay seller notes that the beach may be Coney Island, and it may, but it could be just about any beach with a boardwalk.

Lee Lorenz, original cartoon art

EBay Listing Ended March 18. 2015

EBay Item Description

Lee Lorenz, original cartoon art

Note:  Was this cartoon ever published and, if so, where and when? You tell me what you know and I'll tell you what I know.

A blog, it is often said, is only as good as its content. So send in photos or scans of original cartoon art by the New Yorker's former art editor Lee Lorenz or by the other New Yorker artists he edited and this blog will have even more content.

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