Sunday, February 5, 2017

Eleven to a Side: Antonio Petruccelli Original New Yorker Cover Art

In 1935, Antonio Petruccelli painted a nostalgic cover for The New Yorker that was inspired by a famous fifty-year old photograph of the 1885 Yale University football team. That team was coached by Walter Camp, the "Father of American Football." In the photograph, Team Captain Frank Peters holds the football. Amos Alonzo Stagg, destined to be one of the great players of his day, stands in the back row second from the left. The photograph shows the sixteen members of the Yale team, impossibly small by today's standards, but Petruccelli has simplified it even further to just eleven players and the coach.

Antonio Petruccelli, original cover art, The New Yorker,  November 23, 1935

Antonio Petruccelli, matted original cover art, The New Yorker,  November 23, 1935

Swann Galleries, January 298 2016, Sale 2403, Lot 245
Hammer Price

Pach Brothers of New York, 1885 Yale University Football Team
Sold on eBay September 24, 2012 for $1230.55

Antonio Petruccelli, The New Yorker,  November 23, 1935

Note:  This is Antonio Petruccelli's first appearance in this blog. I would love to hear from collector's with other examples of his original art.

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