Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Lee Lorenz: Artist and Model

A number of original cartoons by Lee Lorenz have made their way onto eBay in recent years. This is the first of several from a single-owner collection hidden away for years in a portfolio. It's not at all clear whether this clever drawing of an artist and his model was ever published, but it seems it certainly should have been.

"Well, Miss Duncan—so far, so good."
Lee Lorenz, original cartoon art

eBay Listing Ended May 17, 2015

"Well, Miss Duncan—so far, so good."
Lee Lorenz, original cartoon art

Note:  Information about the publication history of obscure cartoons such as this one is always sought after here. If you know whether or where or when this cartoon of an artist and his model was published, get in touch and I'll add the information to this post. Other original artwork by Mr. Lorenz is welcome as well.

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