Saturday, January 14, 2017

Vaughn Bodé: Malcolm X Talks to Young People

An original pencil sketch by Vaughn Bodé, presumably from the 1960s or early 1970s, looks to be a comic book cover design related to the record Malcolm X Talks to Young People. There is indeed a recording with this title, a talk given by Malcolm X to 37 teenagers visiting New York from McComb, Mississippi where they had been active in the Civil Rights movement. Vaughn Bodé has included a rendition of the actual album cover on the artwork, which may have been intended for a comic book tie-in. The cover shows two black children listening to a phonograph record of Malcolm X. They say, "He talkin', man" and "He talkin' to us, man"—perhaps not the most promising of cover concepts.

Vaughn Bodé, concept sketch, Malcolm X Talks to Young People

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This specific album cover is depicted in Vaughn Bodé's artwork.
Malcolm X Talks to Young People, 1969 edition

Vaughn Bodé, concept sketch, Malcolm X Talks to Young People

Note:  If the Vaughn Bodé comic book tie-in was ever published, please let me know what you know.

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