Sunday, January 22, 2017

Another Doodle for Hunger by Donald Trump

In yesterday's post we looked at a drawing by Donald Trump currently offered on eBay for $25,000:
Donald Trump, Doodle For Hunger, 2004

Another drawing donated by Mr. Trump to Doodle for Hunger, year unknown but also dedicated to Detroit's Capuchin Food Pantries, was sold on eBay in December for $7,500. The subject is the same, a view of New York City probably from the Hudson River. The skyline is seen head on, the buildings all drawn two-dimensionally so that the sides of none of the buildings are seen. Some color is used to depict people, trees, and yellow cabs. Once again, the piece is signed boldly front and center, which is perfectly appropriate for a celebrity art auction.

eBay Listing Ended December 10, 2016

eBay Item Description

Donald Trump, Doodle For Hunger

Note:  Does anyone know what year this drawing was auctioned and how much it originally sold for?

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