Monday, September 21, 2015

Mike Lynch: Raconteur No. 7

Mike Lynch is one of those cartoonists who works tirelessly to promote the art form. His cartoons appear in the Wall Street Journal, Reader's Digest, Playboy, and just about any of those rare publications which still appreciate the humorous line. He also teaches classes in cartooning. He even writes a daily blog about cartoons which is probably as foolhardy a pursuit as one can have in this world.

When Mike Lynch isn't doing all that, he publishes Raconteur, a small comic magazine with several contributors now in its seventh issue. In its pages, world-class cartoonists recount some of their real-life experiences in comic panel format. The publication is 24 pages and sells for $5.99 postpaid. Not only is it highly entertaining and ridiculously inexpensive, but it comes personalized with a little drawing, or at least mine did. Raconteur No. 6 was promoted as including an autograph and a sketch, and this issue—No. 7—apparently does too. So there you have it: an all-around great buy. I just hope there's enough money left over to buy a beer for the cartoonists.

Raconteur No. 7 signed, insribed, and sketched upon in the upper margin by Mike Lynch

Raconteur No. 7, Spring 2015

Note:  Mike Lynch makes it easy for you to order your own copy of Raconteur No. 7. I heartily recommend it. The other cartoonists whose work appears in this issue are Mark Anderson, John Klossner, Michael Maslin, and Rina Piccolo.

Three years ago, Mike Lynch stumbled upon my most popular post of all time and just had to blog about it himself. No mention on the blog from him since. Talk about cherry-picking!

Autumn is coming around in a couple of days, you know. See what this blog looks like dressed in fall colors.


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