Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Classic animation from the 1930's is the inspiration behind the forthcoming Cuphead video game for Xbox. From the appearance of the trailer, the story is established in black-and-white, while the gameplay is a series of boss battles in color. As the title cards state, Cuphead and Mugman gamble with the devil and lose. They then attempt to repay their debt in a series of run and gun boss battles. The animation is drawn by hand and the backgrounds are hand-painted, giving the game a look reminiscent of the cartoon shorts of some independent animation studios of the 1930's. That intensity of effort should make it more visually-interesting than the a great many of the video games already out there. Cuphead is due out in 2016.

Cuphead E3 2015 Trailer for Xbox One

 Cuphead and Mugman gambled with the Devil...
...and lost!!!


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