Monday, September 28, 2015

Al Hirschfeld and the Vicious Circle

In 1951, Margaret Case Harriman, the daughter of the Hotel Algonquin's Frank Case, published The Vicious Circle:  The Story of the Algonquin Round Table. The Algonquin's celebrated wits were illustrated by the great Al Hirschfeld. These scans from the book were taken by Stephen Kroninger.
Al Hirschfeld, The Vicious Circle:  The Story of the Algonquin Round Table, 1951 by Margaret Case Harriman, front cover

Host Frank Case is illustrated over a copy of the dinner menu at the Algonquin.
Frank Case

It's a man's world, but Dorothy Parker has found a way in.
Dorothy Parker

An unusual double portrait:
George S. Kaufman, Edna Ferber

Heywood Bround takes his work home with him.
Heywood Broun

There are two sides to Alexander Woollcott.
Alexander Woollcott

Columnist F. P. A. writes "The Conning Tower."
Franklin P. Adams

Bob Benchley in the spring...
Robert Benchley

The New Yorker's editor Harold Ross (as we saw here yesterday)...
Harold Ross

Robert Sherwood, Irving Berlin, Marc Connelly

Progressive but understated:
Ruth Hale, Jane Grant

Dog lover:
Robert Frank. Author photo of Margaret Case Harriman and Topper.
The Vicious Circle: The Story of the Algonquin Round Table, 1951, back cover

Note:  Once again, all artwork from The Vicious Circle is © by the Al Hirschfeld Foundation. My thanks to Stephen Kroninger for permission to use his scans of the book. Tomorrow evening, September 29 at 6:30, he will participate in a panel discussion entitled "The Hirschfeld Century Speaks" at the Art Students League in Manhattan. Joining him on the panel will be Ken Fallin, Drew Friedman, and Bill Jacklin, while David Leopold, the Creative Director of the Al Hirschfeld Foundation, will be the moderator.

Have you seen "The Hirschfeld Century" at the New-York Historical Society? It's a stunning exhibition, but it will close October 12. Don't miss it.

Follow the aqua links to more of my Attempted Bloggery posts about the Algonquin Round Table including host Frank Case and members Franklin P. Adams, Irving Berlin, Robert Benchley, Heywood Broun, Marc Connelly, Edna Ferber, George S. Kaufman, Dorothy Parker, Harold Ross, and Alexander Woollcott. There's also more in the archives about author Margaret Case Harriman and of course illustrator Al Hirschfeld.

Let's not forget back cover portrait photographer Robert Frank.

My table at the Algonquin? It's in the boiler room.


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