Friday, September 11, 2015

Edward Koren: The New Legal Sea Foods Cookbook

New Yorker artists may not be on the walls of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, but they are still present somewhere in the museum. You can find them in the gift shop among the calendars and even on the bookshelves. We find there, for example, The New Legal Sea Foods Cookbook (2003) with a cover illustration by Edward Koren. Oh, he's got some illustrations inside the book as well. I've included a generous selection from Google Books.

The New Legal Sea Foods Cookbook (2003) as seen in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Removing Fish Bones

Isaac Stern's Citrus Vodka


Note:  If you'd like to see more by Edward Koren--and who wouldn't?--go right ahead.

Legal Sea Foods? Three words? Foods? Really, Foods? It's a company name, sure, but is it any good as English? Why not simply Legal Seafood? And why Legal anyway, aside from the obvious assonance?


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