Sunday, November 16, 2014

Rowland Emett's Solar Power

Rowland Emett's fuel-economy train from 1949 is an open-air affair that apparently relies on the skillful use of mirrors for solar-powered steam propulsion and the concurrent use of umbrellas to protect engineers and passengers from the blazing English sun. It scarcely resembles any train in existence, but nothing is too farfetched for Mr. Emett's imagination. Annals of a Branch Line was a series that ran in Punch. The original artwork is in "The Illustrators 2014" show at the Chris Beetles Gallery.

Rowland Emett, Annals of a Branch Line II--Example of Fuel-Economy System in Operation
June 8, 1949, page 623

Chris Beetles Gallery:  "The Illustrators 2014"

Number XI from the same series:
Rowland Emett, Annals of a Branch Line XI--The evening train arrives at Smugglers' Reach
June 15, 1949, page 651

Note:  You can find a bit more herein about Punch cartoons.


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