Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Cole Porter: Brush Up Your Shakespeare

In the week since I posted it, I've been staring at Edward Gorey's 1997 "Hamlet" poster and quietly puzzling over the anthropomorphic form of the clouds. It occurred to me only then that Gorey had worked into his illustration a reference to a famous conversation in which Hamlet makes Polonius sound ridiculous by suggesting the shape of a cloud to him and then changing the animal it supposedly resembles every time Polonius agrees. So I've dutifully gone back to the post and updated it with the relevant quotation at the top of the page. All well and good. Now I must give myself an urgent reminder, courtesy of Cole Porter, that I need to brush up my Shakespeare.

"Brush Up Your Shakespeare"
From "Kiss Me, Kate" (1948)
Music and lyrics by Cole Porter
1991 Broadway revival

Note:  It's Standing Room Only for my Broadway blog posts!


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