Monday, June 17, 2013

Tennis Ticker: Leonard Dove New Yorker Cover Art

The pristine appearance of the original artwork for a 1957 New Yorker cover by artist Leonard Dove has been preserved over the decades on a Kodachrome slide. Dove, like many New Yorker cover artists, depicted New Yorkers on their travels as well as at home. About thirty such slides with original cover art are in the possession of an eBay seller who is not all that knowledgeable about New Yorker art, but then he does knows how to make a digital scan from a slide, which I certainly don't. In addition, he may be the only seller on eBay who uses the word watermark for a watermark. Or is this a widespread practice that I haven't picked up on?

Leonard Dove, Original Art for The New Yorker, February 9, 1957

Leonard Dove, The New Yorker, February 9, 1957

Note:  I'm happy to use this blog to publish fine examples of original New Yorker cover art such as this piece by Leonard Dove. If there's anything in your home of similar interest that you'd like to share, please contact me at the email address located in my profile. Appearances to the contrary, watermarks are discouraged.


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