Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Skinny Dipping: Mary Petty New Yorker Cover Art

I've personally never seen original artwork by Mary Petty anywhere. I imagine her fabulous originals are long-ensconced in elite private collections or perhaps in the collection of Syracuse University where her papers reside, along with those of her husband the cartoonist Alan Dunn.

Anyway, it's a treat to find this Kodachrome slide of her original artwork for the cover of The New Yorker from July 10, 1954. This slide, it is assumed, and others like it were taken prior to the print production process at The New Yorker. This kind of image of the full, original, naked artwork is rare and hard to obtain once a piece is framed. My advice to collectors is to photograph the front and back of all original artwork prior to framing.

Mary Petty, Original Artwork for The New Yorker, July 10, 1954

Mary Petty, The New Yorker, July 10, 1954

Note:  Even though I've never seen any Mary Petty originals, I'd sure like to. If you have access to any rare, original artwork by Mary Petty, you're welcome to share it here with this blog's readers. By the way, you even get extra credit if your photo or scan doesn't have a watermark.


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