Saturday, June 8, 2013

William Steig's Mirror Image

This drawing of a well-dressed donkey gazing coolly at his vanity mirror and a reflected angry lion staring right back at him is by none other than the brilliant William Steig. It's a simple enough composition, but everything works delightfully well here: shading, body language, facial expression. This is the work of a master.

William Steig, Donkey at Vanity Mirror, Private Collection

Note:  My previous call for owners of original artwork by William Steig to share their drawings right here on the blog has resulted once again in a rare and beautiful find. Given this unexpected success, I would be a fool not to repeat the request. Here goes:  if you have original artwork by the great William Steig in your collection and you would like to see it gloriously displayed on this blog, please contact me at my email address.

I am also always eager for information on the publication history of any original artwork that appears on this blog. So if you are aware of when and where this drawing was published, or if you know the publication history of any other original work that appears on this blog, please let me know. I generally come right out and say whatever I know about a given piece, so if you notice I have been silent about something, well, I simply must not know. I also have a special label, published?, on this and every blog post where I have some question of this nature.


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