Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Edward Koren: Parenting and Progeny

Quality Time:  Parenting, Progeny, and Pets is a cartoon collection by Edward Koren that was published in 1995. My copy, purchased adroitly on eBay way back in 2001, has an original drawing by the artist that I have scanned below.

Edward Koren, Quality Time:  Parenting, Progeny, and Pets, 1995

Edward Koren, Back Cover to Quality Time:  Parenting, Progeny, and Pets, 1995

Edward Koren, Original drawing in Quality Time:  Parenting, Progeny, and Pets, 1995
Inscribed "For Matt and/Yvonne/and Timnah/Best Regards~Edward Koren"


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