Friday, April 13, 2012

More from the Library of Ronald Searle

There exists another drawing by Ronald Searle very similar to this one, which I believe was  more of a view of just the put-upon cat on the library desk, it's tail ignominiously used as a bookmark. This was roughly around the time of Slightly Foxed-- but Still Desirable (1989) or shortly thereafter when Searle was drawing all manner of books and libraries. This cat-centered variant that I recall was submitted to The New Yorker and purchased for use as a magazine cover, but perhaps owing to some editorial changes, it was never published by the magazine. Searle waited patiently until 2010 to publish this splendid version of the drawing himself.

Ronald Searle, from What! Already? Searle at 90

Detail of the above from the Ronald Searle Cultural Estate
Image added April 12, 2014

Note:  My previous set of Searle library drawings can be found here.


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