Sunday, April 29, 2012

Chagall Pour Ingrid et Alfred Amicalement

Marc Chagall made a beautiful drawing on the title page of a book about his ceramics and sculptures, an aspect of his work with which I am not familiar. The ink drawing is enhanced significantly with color and is inscribed to Ingrid and Alfred Neuman.

The website of the Leo Baeck College gives the history of the piece, which is only one from a collection of 48 books:
Chagall Collection
When living in Saint Paul de Vence (France) Chagall wrote and illustrated dedications to Irmgard Neuman in the front of 48 books containing his works. He allowed her husband Alfred to make a unique series of photographs in his studio. The two remarkable collections have been donated by Alfred and Irmgard Neuman to Leo Baeck College.‘One day, Irmgard bought a book on Chagall’s work, and asked him to sign it. Instead, he put a charming drawing into it: this started the collection. "To Ingrid and Alfred" it said above his signature. It was, of course, "To Ingrid", but his sense of propriety forbade him to say so to another man’s wife;…It was out of friendship for Ingrid that grew the collection. He took a personal interest in it, and was delighted to see it grow. "You know" he would say, "this collection is unique."’(Alfred Neuman, The Record of a Friendship. London: Leo Baeck college / The Manor House society, 1996, pp12f.)

Marc Chagall, La Joie du Berger pour Ingrid et Alfred amicalement, 1972

Marc Chagall, La Joie du Berger pour Ingrid et Alfred amicalement, 1972

Note:  Another drawing in a Marc Chagall book dedicated to the same couple can be found in my earlier post here.


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