Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A 1932 New York Street Scene by George Grosz

George Grosz's New York Street Scene from 1932 shows a cross-section of life in the City. It is, in general, much tamer than the street scenes he drew in Berlin. I believe I attended the George Grosz exhibit at the Soufer Gallery around the time this drawing was sold. Back then, I thought the prices were too high for my budget, although I'm sure the price for this Street Scene was nowhere near the $8,125 it recently fetched.

George Grosz, Street Scene, New York, 1932

George Grosz, Street Scene, New York, 1932



  1. I would love to own an original Grosz but the prices are so high by now, I don't think it'll ever happen. There are always lots of his drawings being offered in auctions everywhere and the price tags are rising. It's like the housing property ladder in London. If you're not part of the club, you won't be able to get on it.

    1. I agree, UM. I also find it psychologically difficult to pay a lot of money for something you once could have bought for much less.