Monday, December 19, 2011

Relief from Cartoon Withdrawal

Time was when the New Yorker was truly a weekly news magazine which you could trust to publish a reliable 52 issues per year. Nowadays they tinker with the count by publishing several double issues annually, with the result that no new issue is published on certain Mondays--why, for example, today! The problem with this scheme, of course, is that the millions of readers eager to peruse their weekly batch of cartoons are denied this pleasure, and must go through a sort of cartoon withdrawal with all the potentially serious medical consequences the condition obviously implies.

To remedy this dire situation to at least a small degree, I have put together a little collection of past cartoons from the magazine. These were circulated by The Cartoon Bank back in 2007, so enough time has passed for them to be enjoyed once again, or perhaps for the first time.

Sheena, Queen of the Corporate Jungle


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