Sunday, December 4, 2011

Krazy Sunday

Illustration House offers this original art for a Krazy Kat Sunday strip in its December sale. At first I thought the estimate was on the high side, but many Krazy Kat Sunday pages have indeed been selling in this range and higher. Krazy Kat may never have been the most popular strip, but many aficionados consider George Herriman to be the greatest of 20th century cartoonists. Leaping legumes!

Lot 70George Herriman1880-1944x
xJumping beans get their revenge on Offisa Pupp.x
xSunday comic strip, “Krazy Kat”, August 22, 1943;
Pen & ink, 22.25 x 14.5", not signed
xEstimate: $12,000 - 15,000x
xCondition - Good overall: mat and frame are from Graham Gallery.

“Krazy Kat” detail, August 22, 1943

My most recent post on George Herriman's Krazy Kat can be read here.



  1. Ah, that's a masterpiece! I don't want to go political, but in addition to being very funny, very clever it's oh so timely. Leaping legumes indeed. ¡ay-ay-ay! Made my Sunday morning.

    What is that ufo floating top-center in the black night of the final scene?

  2. That, Leo, is a crescent moon. It's OK if you didn't recognize it, because it only looks that way in Kokonino Kounty.