Sunday, December 11, 2011

Peter Arno: In the Master's Lair

Currently at auction on eBay is a collection of 42 pages by Peter Arno. Most of the sheets appear to be sketchbook pages in pencil, but the first one shown is a finished wash cartoon reminiscent of his work for College Humor. Unfortunately, there is paper loss to this and all of these sheets.

[Please note that the captions are my own and not a part of the original eBay listing.]

"Come right in, madam.  The marster's awaiting you in his lair."
Initialled P.A. twice.  If the bottom of the image had to be cropped, I suppose the second set of initials could have been added higher up.  The problem with this is that the higher set of initials look more tentative. Does anyone know whether this was published? In College Humor, perhaps?
The hand-written caption on the reverse

Studies of women

Yanks Win

Air Conditioned Co...


Seeing no evil

"It's full of slot machine slugs."

November 5, 2013 Update:  The owner of this lot has scanned and posted a number of these sketches here.

Note:  Did you know Peter Arno happens to be the artist who painted my favorite New Yorker cover? See it here.


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