Saturday, December 17, 2011

Original Magazine Cover Art

In its December 10 sale, Illustration House offered a number of original magazine cover illustrations from the American press in a variety of styles.

Lot 25
John Falter1910-1982x
xPostal workers sorting Christmas mail.x
xMagazine cover, Saturday Evening Post, December 8, 1945;
Oil on hardboard panel, 23.75 x 20", signed lower left
xEstimate: $25,000 - 35,000x
xCondition - Very good overall: A few small professional inpaints. Restored under supervision of Judy Goffman Fine Art, ca. 1982. Framed in old wood and linen liner.x

Lot 28George E. Hughes1907-1990x
xBaby in back yard pulling up rose garden.x
x"Coming Up Roses"
Magazine cover, Saturday Evening Post, June 8, 1957;
Oil on masonite panel, 22 x 20.25", signed lower left
xEstimate: $8,000 - 12,000x
xNumber written verso: P4672. Bears original label from Post verso, with date of 12/14/1955, probably the date received.
Provenance - According to the consignor, Norman Rockwell talked Hughes into donating this painting for a raffle in Arlington VT in the late 1950's. The consignor (who was 11 at the time) had his name entered by his uncle who was an acquaintance of Rockwell's. He won it, and the painting has hung in his home since then.
xCondition - Very good overall: clean; original frame provided by Hughes in 1950s (probably recently repainted).

Δ Lot 29
Robert Hilbertx
xBoy falling while on "E-Z" roller skates.x
x“New Skates”
Magazine cover, American Weekly, June 9, 1954;
Gouache, 22.5 x 18", signed lower right
xEstimate: $1,500 - 2,000x
xCondition - Very good overall: relatively unscuffed; matted and framed.x

xLot 44Harrison Fisher1875-1934x
xYoung woman holding duckling.x
xMagazine cover, Cosmopolitan, September 1924;
Pastel on sand-surfaced canvas, 22 x 16", signed lower left
xEstimate: $3,500 - 5,500x
xSimaltaneously published in Britain as a cover for Nash's magazine.
Literature - Literature: “The Complete Works of Harrison Fisher, Illustrator” by Naomi Welch 1999 p. 161, 188.
xCondition - Very good overall: metal-leaf 'swan' moulding.

xLot 45James Montgomery Flagg1877-1960x 
x Coy young woman wearing black hat.x
xMagazine cover, Associated Sunday Magazines, February 7, 1915;
Watercolor, 17.5 x 14.25", signed lower right
xEstimate: $3,000 - 5,000x
Literature - Literature: “James Montgomery Flagg: Uncle Sam and Beyond” by Nicholas Steward, published by Collectors Press, 1997. p. 29.
xCondition - Good overall: may have faded slightly, moisture stain along bottom edge, framed.

xΔ Lot 50Amy Hogeboomx
xYoung woman holding disk and giant quill pen.x
xMagazine cover, The Golden Book Magazine, July 1927;
Gouache, watercolor, bronze paint, 14 x 9.75", signed lower left
xEstimate: $2,500 - 3,500x
xCondition - Very good; some incipient flaking; black mat and frame; not examined out of frame.x
Amy Hogeboom, The Golden Book Magazine, July 1927

Lot 69Gyo Fujikawa1908-1998x
xSeven Dwarfs discover Snow White sleeping.x
x“A scene from Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”
Magazine cover, Children's Digest, May 1952;
Gouache, 8.75 x 7.5", not signed
xEstimate: $5,000 - 7,000x
xThe artist's first name is noted verso, along with the date and magazine title abbreviation. In this period, Disney artists were never given public credit for their work.x
xCondition - Very good overall: light fading; glue residue outside image; archivally matted and metal-sectional frame

Gyo Fujikawa, Children's Digest, May 1952



  1. They're all just beautiful covers, but Snow White under the patchwork quilt especially appeals to me since I have just taken a break from sorting and cutting fabric for a big needlework project I'm working on. I'm making appliqued table runners for my daughters and granddaughters, their Christmas presents this year. So funny to click on your blog and notice all the pretty fabric that makes up Snow White's quilt.

  2. An original Flagg turned up in one of my local auctions but it was apparently failed to meet it's reserve and was passed over. I can't claim to know a lot about him but I was certainly surprised...

  3. Flagg painted the famous World War I recruitment poster "I Want You" featuring Uncle Sam.

  4. Indeed! But sadly that wasn't the one in the auction...