Saturday, March 18, 2023

Edward Koren Animation Art

Animation art designed by New Yorker cartoonist Edward Koren for an unknown production was sold on eBay in September. The lot consists of four backgrounds, three with cel set-ups. The backgrounds, according to the eBay seller, are original ink drawings by Koren and not, say, reproductions. Three include cel overlays with foreground characters used, apparently, in production. The setting is an ornate bar. Offered for sale at $550, the four sheets sold for an undisclosed Best Offer.

Scene 5
Scene 1
Scene [?]; Scene 2, Background 2

Unnumbered Scene

Unnumbered scene background with overlay lowered

Edward Koren's signature

Scene 5

Scene 5 background with cel overlay lowered

Scene 1

Scene 1 cel close-up over background

Scene 1 background with cel overlay lowered

Scene 2, Background 2

Edward Koren
eBay listing ended September 25, 2022

Edward Koren
eBay item description

Note:  If anybody recognizes this animated production using art by Edward Koren, I would like to hear about it. Also, is this a specific bar? Its details seem very plausible.


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