Sunday, November 28, 2021

William Steig: Small Fry Fashions

In 1942, magazine promotions aimed at parents touted a new children's clothing line inspired by William Steig's "Small Fry." Just three months after Pearl Harbor, the outfits are marketed as "Defense Denims." Small Fry Fashions were created by Fairfame Sportswear located at 1350 Broadway, which is not far from the Garment District just north of Herald Square. It's interesting to see how a studio fashion photographer attempted to capture the feel of Steig's drawings in Glamour Girl and Her Hero.

"Small Fry" Come to Life in Defense Denims
The Parents' Magazine[?], March 1942

For the fall line, two girls' outfits are called "Sugar Ration" and "Back to School." Some of the advertising copy reads, "Double sweetness! There is no rationing of ingenuity in SMALL FRY's saucy dress with its dainty trimmed collar or her sophisticated suit..."

Fairfame Sportswear
The Parents' Magazine, September 1942, page 93

Note:  I would love to hear about other ads for Small Fry Fashions based on William Steig's drawings.


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