Sunday, November 21, 2021

Creig Flessel: Sidelined

DC comic book artist Creig Flessel (1912-2008) provides the color cover cartoon for the Sunday Pictorial Review of October 9, 1955. There's quite a bit of action on and off the football field.

Creig Flessel
Pictorial Review, Baltimore American, October 9, 1955

Shermund's Sallies is cartoonist Barbara Shermund's humorous take on relationships. Here she depicts strong young women taking action on their marriages.
"I think I've softened Albert up enough—
so I've decided to feel better!"
* * *
"The last straw was when he didn't object to my dating other men!"
Shermund's Sallies
Barbara Shermund
Pictorial Review, Baltimore American, October 9, 1955

The Cheering Section features large cartoons by Syd Hoff and Irving Roir that riff on some widely accepted stereotypes of the 1950s.
"The trouble with you is you can dish it out but you can't cook it!"                                        
Syd Hoff                                        
* * *
                                        "I used to be attracted to young men with padded shoul-
                                        ders 'til I found out the older ones have stuffed wallets."
                                        Irving Roir
Pictorial Review, Baltimore American, October 9, 1955

"And there's no need to worry about the Central Intelligence Agency being too intelligent." George Dixon pokes fun at US government institutions. Otto Soglow illustrates.
And Dixon asks why not a Department of Loafing to counter-balance the Department of Labor?
Illustration by Otto Soglow
Pictorial Review, Baltimore American, October 9, 1955

Pete Howe's Where Wives Are Expendable reports as fact a World War II story about the order in which Arab men and women walk that certainly isn't true. The myth persists today in many versions and is debunked on here.
Illustration by Ralph Stein

Love that Bob:
Louella Parsons on Bob Cummings

Mel Heimer on Jackie Cooper

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  1. Great to see some color work from Pictorial Review - almost all I can ever find online are the b&w microfiim scans. Color adds so much to them! Many thanks, sir!