Friday, October 15, 2021

Personna Advertising Art by Whitney Darrow, Jr., Part 2

As we have seen previously, New Yorker cartoonist Whitney Darrow, Jr., created advertising art for the client Personna, maker of fine razor blades. The illustration shown here depicts an ancient man complete with sandals, robe, and a long, white beard. Perhaps he is an anachronistic candidate for the premium shaving gear being promoted here. His stool appears to be the capital of a column and the steam from his cooking pot reveals the head and tail of a tiger. Presumably some slick advertising copy pulled this all together.

Whitney Darrow, Jr.
eBay listing ended August 5, 2021
Whitney Darrow, Jr.
eBay item description
Whitney Darrow, Jr.
eBay bid history
It's the last bid that wins, with nine seconds to spare.

Note:  This is the second original Personna illustration by Whitney Darrow, Jr., to appear on this blog but I have yet to hear from anyone who can tell me something more about the ad campaign. Fortunately, I can be patient.

I'm waiting...


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