Wednesday, October 20, 2021

George Booth: A Signed Omnibooth Promotion

Who could pass up an opportunity to enjoy some of George Booth's work? A print promotion for his collection Omnibooth (1984) signed by the cartoonist turned up on eBay where it was sold this summer for $45 despite some prominent sunning at one of the folds on the unsigned side. The eBay seller calls this item a poster, as one side can be displayed unfolded as a banner advertisement for the book. The other side, though, can best be appreciated at reading distance. The small print and the even folds indicate that this was meant to be a promotional brochure which could double as a wall display.

George Booth's signature

An encounter between a cat and an English bull terrier in four panels

"If you ask me, this thing is going to get a whole lot worse
before it gets better."

"You got here just in time, Mr. Lundquist. The boys are ready
to give your transmission the gang gong."

"I have a stuffed chair and a rag rug that are going out
in the spring sunshine today, Elsie!"

George Booth
eBay listing ended July 28, 2021

George Booth
eBay item description


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