Friday, November 13, 2020

Virgil Partch: "Guess Who!"

Claude Haber writes with a photo of an original drawing by Virgil Partch, or Vip. He believes it was drawn for someone in the movie industry.
"Guess who!"
Virgil Partch

Photo by Clause Haber

It is an extremely close variant of a gag cartoon that was probably published in True and collected in The Wild, Wild Women (1952). The two drawings are quite similar but there are discernible differences in the woman's hair, the angle of her neck, the man's stocking feet, and the hand-written caption. Claude's drawing may in fact be a redraw.

"Guess who"
Virgil Partch
The Wild, Wild Women (1952)

Note:  First off, I would love to see the page in True where this drawing very likely first appeared.

Second, submissions to the blog of images from Vip books and original drawings have been pouring in since July. Apparently many of my readers have been collecting Partch originals for years. By all means, let's keep it going. By now you know where to find me.

My thanks to Claude Haber.


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