Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Peter Steiner Goes to the Polls

Five years ago, Peter Steiner's original New Yorker cartoon from the issue of November 8, 1993 was sold on eBay. The framed artwork was purchased with the Buy It Now feature. The composition has a series of upright vertical figures set up to carry the eye from left to right.

Peter Steiner's signature

Peter Steiner
eBay listing ended December 17, 2015

Peter Steiner
eBay item description

[End of eBay listing]

Cartoons by J. B. Handelsman and Peter Steiner

Note:  How is it that eBay attracts so many bad photographers? Give me something I can work with, people! Your razor-sharp scans or photographs of original art by Peter Steiner are eagerly sought.


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