Monday, November 25, 2019

My Entry in the New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest #687

Happy Thanksgiving week! I celebrated with an entry in the parade-themed New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest #687. The drawing is by P. C. Vey.
"Well played, Mr. Macy!"

These captions deflated quickly:
"You've GOT to see your expression!"
"Did you know you'd be wearing a Speedo?"
"I told you we could license that face."

December 2, 2019 Update:  The Finalists

December 9, 2019 Update:
  Alas, I neglected to vote once again. Not an easy choice here.

December 16, 2019 Update:  The Winner

Note:  In last week's Caption Contest, cartoonist Christopher Weyant
 laid the proverbial egg. Take a crack at Contest #686.

In bygone times I eagerly attended the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade or, in more recent years, the balloon inflation the night before, and I posted quite a few photos of the celebration here on the blog. These days, having fallen under the influence of Charles Addams, I'm more of a homebody. Still, if readers themselves are lucky enough to catch the festivities and would like to contribute a few photos of the character balloons and such, I'd be only too pleased to post them here. Meanwhile, I'll be watching it all go by on TV.

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  1. I entered this one, too. I wrote something along the lines of,

    "They got you down to the nose hairs!"

    Really, it might've been funnier as,

    "Oh Harold, they even got your nose hairs!"

    I couldn't find a way to look up the winners without referencing the print magazine (which is lost somewhere, already, in the proximity of my living room couch) so looking up "new yorker caption contest" and then stumbling various blogs like this one finally netted me the finalists. Thanks for documenting that! I thought yours were amusing, heh.

  2. Glad to be of help. Good luck with the contest.