Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Maurice Sendak: 1991 CARE World Hunger Crusade Signed Poster

In 1991 illustrator Maurice Sendak became the second artist to create a poster for CARE's World Hunger Crusade, Jim Dine having been the first. The poster depicts a healthy baby seated outdoors among flowers that stand taller than he. A signed poster is currently listed on AbeBooks. The listing is illustrated with a photograph in which the framed poster reflects trees in the glass.

The signed poster was originally priced at $250 in 1991—unsigned posters were $100—so seeing it offered today framed for just $525 suggests that the poster, despite its apparent rarity, might not have been the best investment. Personally, I prefer Sendak's more fanciful illustrations. 

Maurice Sendak's signature
The poster was signed with what seems to be a felt tip pen. Such pens do not contain lightfast ink and should have no place in any kind of art. The signature shows signs of fading which the seller readily acknowledges. On the other hand, the shipping charge of $3 is a steal.

Maurice Sendak
AbeBooks Listing Retrieved November 17, 2019


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