Wednesday, April 4, 2018

No Parade: E. Simms Campbell and Al Johns Share a Caption

A 1935 Esquire cartoon we looked at last week in the big post on E. Simms Campbell has a truly memorable caption about a parade that isn't happening. So does a Saturday Evening Post cartoon from the 1950s by Al Johns that was featured on Mike Lynch Cartoons back in 2010. The two cartoons are quite different but the captions are the same. And who doesn't love a parade?

"I don't see any parade[.]"
E. Simms Campbell
Esquire, 1935

"I don't see any parade."
Al Johns
The Saturday Evening Post, c. 1950s

Note:  Al Johns is new to the blog. It is E. Simms Campbell (1906-1971) whose work we have been surveying. Readers with access to original art by either artist are encouraged to submit high-resolution scans or photographs.

It's for you. In the following video at the 11:50 mark, cartoonist Michael Maslin discusses selling The New Yorker several cartoons each with the same caption.

Four New Yorker Cartoonists
The Hotchkiss Library
Sharon, CT
September 30, 2012

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