Saturday, April 21, 2018

E. Simms Campbell: In Search of a Smoke

Some calamity apparently has struck the apartment of a well-dressed young man in a February 1937 black and white Esquire cartoon by E. Simms Campbell. The cause may be found in the caption. The man's vest and dark pants emphasize his verticality which contrasts with the many diagonal lines signifying the room's disheveled state.

"I thought sure I had another cigarette!"
E. Simms Campbell
Esquire, February 1937, page 189

The reverse of the page is notable for an advertisement featuring a different vice. Otard Cognac's copy includes a double-limerick by Ogden Nash.

Another rhyming ad from the campaign:
Ode to Otard by Ogden Nash
O is for Otto
Otard Cognac Advertisement, c. 1937

Note:  We are now in the home stretch of our survey of the work of E. Simms Campbell (1906-1971). Readers with access to original Campbell art or to rarely-seen published cartoons may submit high-resolution scans or photographs to the blog for inclusion in a future post.

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