Friday, September 23, 2016

Sigmund Freud Signed by Ralph Steadman

In a signed copy of Sigmund Freud (1979), Ralph Steadman transforms the first three letters of Freud's supposed signature into a portrait of everybody's favorite father of psychoanalysis. Go show your mother.

Ralph Steadman, Sigmund Freud, 1979

Inscribed with a portrait sketch of Freud "For Stephen Parr, From Ralph Steadman 2006."

Note: Do you have issues with Ralph Steadman? How about books, letters, sketches, scribblings, ink blots, Rorschachs, anything this master illustrator has touched or smeared or spattered with his hands—informed, of course, by the workings of his subconscious mind? Spare yourself the feelings of guilt, the years of psychoanalysis, the inevitable bouts of depression, and instead share your treasures on the only blog the American Psychiatric Association fears could put its members out of business for good.

The current Ralph Steadman retrospective is cleverly called "A Retrospective: Ralph Steadman"—and that's not a Freudian slip. It's showing right now at the Society of Illustrators in New York City through October 22. Go see it with your analyst.

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