Sunday, September 25, 2016

Dogsbodies Signed by Ralph Steadman

Two weeks ago at the Society of Illustrators, Ralph Steadman signed a copy of Dogsbodies (1970) to illustrator Stephen Kroninger, adding a sketch of—wait for it—a dog. Mr. Kroninger has generously provided Attempted Bloggery with the essential documentation:

Ralph Steadman, Dogsbodies, 1970

Inscribed "For Stephen! from Ralph Steadman" with a sketch of a dog

O.P. is bookseller shorthand for Out of Print. This secondhand copy is now one of the most desirable copies of Dogsbodies on the planet.

The line emanating from the dog's hind leg has been added by hand, as have the splotches. I know, right?

Note:  Thanks again to Stephen Kroninger for sharing his unique book and for being a friend to this blogger. Learn more about Mr. Kroninger's artwork at His photocollages have been exhibited at MoMA. Impressive, right?

I'm just about finishing up my little run of Ralph Steadman posts, which consists mostly of signed books with original sketches. If you've got something more you'd like to share here—original artwork, sketches, rarities, random ink splotches, what have you—by all means pass it along. I'll get to it some day...

"A Retrospective:  Ralph Steadman" is showing at the Society of Illustrators. Get to it by October 22.

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