Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A Portrait of Harold Ross

A portrait photograph of New Yorker founding editor Harold Ross from a 1927 sitting is offered on eBay for $122 or a best offer. It was taken less than two years after the the New Yorker was first published and shows Ross at about age 34. The photograph was published on the cover of Letters from the Editor, Thomas Kunkel's 2000 collection of Ross's correspondence. Just when this particular photograph may have been printed is anybody's guess.

eBay Listing Copied September 5, 2016

A much later press photo released in 1951 at the time of Ross's death is also available on eBay, but it is readily acknowledged as a modern print. At most 24 years separate the two images of Ross.
Harold Ross 1951 Press Photo (Modern Reproduction)

Harold Ross, 1927

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