Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Lough Eske Castle

Windmills spanned the countryside on our ride up to Donegal Town in Ireland last month. Just off the N15 was our hotel, Lough Eske Castle. The original castle facade is impressive indeed, while luxurious guest rooms are located in a large modern addition that extends to the back and side. The grounds are generously covered with figurative sculpture in bronze, most notably of a nude in the garden and a fanciful dragon on the front lawn. One of the hotel clerks had some questions regarding Donald Trump for me, an American abroad, which I fielded as best I could.


Lough Eske Castle from the garden. The guest rooms are in the modern addition on the right and in other wings.

A female nude

Sculpture at the pool

Owl sculpture






Note:  Throwing tomatoes down onto the peasants is not permitted.

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