Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Dublin Rising 1916-2016

In the centennial year of the Easter Rising, the city of Dublin commemorates its past. These images show different and unrelated sides of the modern city of Dublin.

"The dream of an Irish Republic was born."

Patrick O'Reilly, Three Bears with Attitude, 3Arena at The Point

Dublin Remembers, 1916-2016

Constable Michael Lahiff, an early casualty of the Easter Rising
St. Stephen's Green

Ulysses by James Joyce for 3 Euros
...yes I will Yes.

Celtic Whiskey Shop

The Custom House
Knobs and Knockers
Because the Irish know how to name a shop

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Jack Davis (1924-2016)

Michael Crawford (1941-2016)

Anatol Kovarsky (1919-2016)

Frank Modell (1917-2016)

William Hamilton (1939-2016)

Joseph Farris (1924-2015)

Charles Barsotti (1933-2014)

Ed Fisher (1926-2013)

Ronald Searle (1920-2011)


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