Sunday, August 7, 2016


After leaving Dublin, we stopped for lunch in Enfield and proceeded to our destination of Clifden in County Galway. Clifden is located on the west coast of Ireland and is the largest town in Connemara.

24/7 Launderette located at a petrol station in Enfield

Kingstown House in Clifden, our bed and breakfast. By the way, breakfast was excellent.

Guinness merchandise in town

St. Joseph's (Roman Catholic)

50 Shades of...

The phone booth survives!
Dinner at the Marconi in Foyle's Hotel. He's a favorite in Cape Cod too!

Tom King's Bar & Snug with a colorful Guinness toucan sign

The town center—that is, centre—with Alcock & Brown Hotel and Christ Church (Church of Ireland)

Leigh's Barber Shop portrays Johnny Depp as Sweeney Todd. How's that for marketing?

Three bicycle planters up on a wall

St. Joseph's again and the Courthouse

Flowers alongside stairs to a parking lot

Monument to John Reilly, a gift from Mexico

Another bicycle planter, this time situated improbably in a bike rack

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