Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Primitive Joseph Farris

Over the decades, the late Joseph Farris (1924-2015) published cartoons regularly in a great variety of magazines. While his New Yorker work is relatively easy to review online, the many cartoons published elsewhere are not so easy to track down. Eventually, Google Books or someone else may scan the vast archives of periodicals out there and make them fully accessible and searchable. In the meantime, paper dealers help a little when they dismantle old magazines and scan and sell individual pages as "prints." These are relatively expensive compared with the cost of the full magazine, and are therefore often sold without reference to the specific publication or date. This cartoon, for example, dates from the 1970's and that's all we are told. The printed cartoon retails for $12.99.

Joseph Farris, "We have just increased the local property tax."

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