Thursday, February 26, 2015

Saul Steinberg: The 1960 Calendar

Saul Steinberg's first calendar for Hallmark was published in 1960. A rare copy showed up on eBay and was sold for $100 last week after two previous weeks of failing to attract any bids. I have it on good authority that the seller immediately rescinded the sale, feeling this first calendar was worth considerably more and had been erroneously underpriced. Some days, eBay's terms of service don't seem to count for much.

Saul Steinberg, 1960 Hallmark Calendar
Saul Steinberg, January 1960

Saul Steinberg, 1960 Hallmark Calendar
Saul Steinberg, September 1960
Saul Steinberg, November 1960
EBay Listing Ended February 20, 2015

EBay Item Description

Note:  There's usually a lot to say about the art of Saul Steinberg.


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