Sunday, February 22, 2015

Ronald Searle: Pitcher

With baseball's opening day six weeks away, pitchers and catchers are now in spring training. A drawing by Ronald Searle, apparently a spot for TV Guide, shows a pitcher kicking up a storm. Searle's gift for exaggeration results in  players who are all legs--and, to all appearances, no crotches. The pitcher's mound is flat and the ball field is indicated only by the heavy horizontal line. Whether the imminent pitch will result in a balk, I'm going to have to leave to the umpires.

Ronald Searle, Spot drawing of a pitcher, TV Guide

The back of the artwork

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EBay Item Description

This drawing was seen three years earlier at Illustration House:
Ronald Searle, Spot drawing of a pitcher, TV Guide
Illustration House, May 30, 2009

Note:  If thers one thing this blogger has learned, it's that there's never a dull moment with Ronald Searle.

Oh, and some people find the baseball posts interesting too.


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